There is NO other training out there that is as comprehensive as this training in understanding trauma, its impact on our young ones and learning tools to support youth and young adults in connecting to their TRUE NATURE and allowing their beautiful lights to shine.

We call this a TRAUMA-EDUCATED training because our goal is for you to not only be trauma-informed but trauma educated from the bottom up.


Understanding the Emotional Landscape of Traumatized Youth


Gaining Knowledge on Trauma's Impact on Adolescent Development


Building Strength and Recovery in Young Lives

The Training

This training will discuss the impact of trauma and unmanaged stress on a young persons mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. We'll explore, yoga and somatic practices through the lens of trauma and Polyvagal Theory to support children, teens and young adults in building greater capacity and resilience and connecting to their true essence.

Dive deep into the complex world of trauma with a focus on how it affects youth and young adults in this comprehensive training certification. You’ll learn to understand the different types of trauma, their potential impact on development and behavior, and how to foster resilience in those who have experienced adversity. We’ll navigate through the signs and symptoms of trauma, delve into trauma-educated tools for building capacity & resilience, and explore strategies to create supportive environments that acknowledge past experiences while promoting healing and growth. Practical case studies and interactive modules ensure that you not only grasp the theory but also the practical skills you'll need when working with young individuals.

By completing this program, you'll be equipped to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young people by applying a trauma-educated lens to your work, whether you're in education, social services, mental health, the embodiment field or another youth-focused field. You'll walk away with a certification that not only demonstrates your specialized knowledge but also opens doors to enhanced trust and communication with those you support. Get ready to transform your professional approach and bring a depth of understanding that can change the trajectory of a young person’s life for the better. You will find this training not only equips you with tools to work with children and young adults, but also the inner children within the adults you support in your work.

The Intention

When I first put this certification training together, my goal was to ensure that anyone stepping into it would come out not just with theoretical knowledge but with practical tools and a genuine understanding of trauma, unmanaged stress and its profound impact on our youth.

This training program has been meticulously crafted with input from leading professionals in trauma educated yoga and somatic practices, expressive arts, psychology, education, and social work to ensure it's comprehensive and, more importantly, applicable.

It empowers beginners or seasoned professionals like you with the skills to recognize signs of trauma, offers strategies for effective communication, and fosters an environment conducive to healing and growth.

The structure is intuitive, allowing you to navigate through the material with ease, and each module builds on the last, reinforcing your learning and making sure you're well-equipped to make a real difference in the lives of young individuals. The live zoom sessions are specially curated to practice and reinforce learned information and experience learning in a safe and engaging community.

Trust me, you'll come away from this training feeling confident and ready to be a force of positive change and more compassionate and attuned to your own inner child needs.

The Faculty

Shawnee Thornton Hardy

C-IAYT, SEP, M.Ed, Author

Shawnee is a C-IAYT - Certified Yoga Therapist, SEP - Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Somatic Touch Facilitator and Author

Shawnee brings to her teachings a wealth of experience spanning 30 years of working with children, teens and young adults with complex needs. She is a published author, Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, M.Ed in Special Education and Educational/Behavioral Specialist.

She infuses her profound insights into the transformative power of yoga and somatic practices with a deep dedication rooted in personal triumph. As a survivor of childhood and adult trauma, and a journey through cancer, she truly embodies the resilience she fosters in others.

Shawnee's approach is steeped in firsthand knowledge of navigating neurodiversity, adversity and trauma, equipping her to guide young people and adults toward greater self-awareness, emotional regulation, and empowerment.

Beyond her role as the founder of Asanas for Autism and Special Needs, and director of the Yoga Therapy for Youth Certification Program in which she has trained thousands of humans throughout the US and Internationally, Shawnee's impact resonates through her publications Asanas for Autism and Special Needs - Yoga to Help Children with their Emotions, Self-Regulation and Body Awareness and Yoga Therapy for Children and Teens with Complex Needs - A Somatosensory Approach to Mental, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing and the creation of the C.A.L.M.M Yoga Toolkit and Products.

Her commitment shines in training professionals and leading workshops globally, sharing strategies to transform stress into strength and pain into purpose. Shawnee's heart for service, blended with her expertise, illuminates a path for her students to connect with their authentic selves and embrace a life of enriched well-being.

Ann Davis

SEP, Expressive Arts Practitioner

Ann is Trauma Trained Expressive Arts & Somatic Experiencing Practitioner with 30 years combined experience in public health & education. She also authored a chapter on Expressive Arts & Trauma in Shawnee's newest book.

Ann has extensive experience working with youth and families living in chronic trauma.  

Ann serves as an Expressive Arts Practitioner at a center for mental health and wellness, Aspiring Families.

For several years she was the Expressive Arts Therapist at a school for youth impacted by homelessness and immigration. It was here where she began her deep dive into learning and understanding how our bodies and brains are impacted by and carry the story of, trauma. Working with these courageous families taught her that we are all capable of healing, we humans have an innate capacity for resilience, that every single behavior is a child’s way of communicating a need that they may not yet have the language for, and that we cannot heal alone.

Healing happens in safe, secure, and loving relationships. 

Samantha Persoff


Sam is an LCSW, SEP and NATP with over 27 years of experience working with adults, couples, families and young children. She has a Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) as well as a Masters in Education (MSEd) and Masters in Social Work (MSW).

She began her career as a licensed special education and art teacher and made the transition from education to therapy because she found herself more passionate about promoting healing and growth and wanted to move toward the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

She has trained extensively and assisted with Kathy Kain and Steve Terrell. She has been a part of the assisting teams for several of SE faculty. She is a lead assistant and consult provider for NeuroAffective Touch, assisting with trainings and workshops across the globe.

One of Samantha's passions is exploring the intersection between mind and body. She works with the child in each of her clients, supporting both the child parts and the growing adult inside each person, regardless of age. Premised on healing developmental trauma, NATouch continues to influence her work.

She finds that through touch work and the body’s intelligence, her clients begin to rediscover what might have been missing from their early developmental years and work toward restoration of what has been lost, ultimately reconnecting them or helping them find and discover their essential self. She has a subspeciality in working with individuals who identify as neurodiverse.

Samantha utilizes the whole person approach to her work. She weaves together various modalities to meet each human right at where they are, collaborating together to create a plan that makes the most sense for their healing journey. She may integrate play therapy, art, psychodrama, and/or improvisational movement.

When she is not supporting her clients, you can find her on the dance floor, using 5 rhythms and ecstatic dance modalities to support somatic self-discovery and community building.

What to Expect

The modules will be a combination of self-paced lectures & videos and virtual learning in community. If you are unable to attend the live virtual meetings, recordings will be shared following each meeting.

Virtual Connection & Learning:

We will meet 3 weekends over the course of the 3 modules to practice and integrate what we have learned in each module. These virtual meetings will serve as time for connection with like-hearted community, questions and explorations of practices together.

A zoom link to access each meeting will be shared prior to each gathering.

What You'll Learn

Module 1

Virtual Connection & Learning

Online course content will be available May 14th

May 25 & 26

9-4pm PST (1 hour lunch break)

COST: $850 Early Bird (if Registered by April 6th)

$899 following

See Additional Payment Plan Options at Registration


Key Concepts

Polyvagal Theory and its Application
Building Resilience and Connection


  • Overview of Trauma and Unmanaged Stress in Youth and Young Adults

  • Understanding ACE's At-Risk Factors and Prevention

  • Understanding the Unique Attachment Styles of Ourselves and the Young People we work with

  • Connecting to our own Inner Child - Ongoing Reflections throughout the Training

Polyvagal Theory and its Application

  • Polyvagal Theory and its Application

  • Understanding the Polyvagal Theory and its Relevance to Trauma in Youth and Young Adults

  • Exploring the Three States of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)

  • Recognizing the Impact of Trauma on the ANS and its Implications for Mental, Emotional, and Physical Wellbeing

Building Resilience and Connection

  • The power of CONNECTION - Creating Safe Spaces and Building Trust through Environment and Relationship (Practices & Applications)

  • Defining What is Means to "Build Resilience"

  • Promoting Self-regulation and Emotional Intelligence in Youth and Young Adults

  • Fostering Healthy Relationships and Social Connections

  • Connecting to our TRUE NATURE through nature.

  • Cultivating Positive Coping Strategies for Stress Management and Resilience building as the co-regulators (Practices & Applications)

Module 2

Online course content will be available July 3rd

Virtual Connection & Learning

August 3 & 4

9-4pm PST (1 hour lunch break)

COST: $850 Early Bird (if Registered by June 15th)

$899 following

See Additional Payment Plan Options at Registration


Key Concepts

Yoga and Somatic Practices for Trauma Healing

  • Introduction to Yoga and Somatic Practices as Tools for Trauma Healing and Prevention

  • Yoga and Embodiment Practices for Supporting Nervous System Regulation and Promoting Resilience

  • Incorporating Mindfulness, Breath and Sound in Trauma-Educated Practices

  • Integrating Expressive Arts as a Tool for Trauma Healing

Module 3

Online course content will be available September 4th

Virtual Connection & Learning

October 5 & 6

9-4pm PST (1 hour lunch break)

COST: $850 Early Bird (if Registered by August 17th)

$899 following

See Additional Payment Plan Options at Registration


Key Concepts

Supporting Children , Teens and Young Adults in Trauma Re-Negotiation

Integration and Practical Application

Supporting Children , Teens and Young Adults in Trauma Re-Negotiation

  • Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Child Development

  • Exploring the Neurodevelopmental Sequence

  • How Overwhelm and Unmanaged Stress Impacts our Sensory Systems and How We Move Through the World

  • What exactly is proprioception, exteroception and interoception and how does it apply to working with trauma and unmanaged stress?

  • Recognizing Trauma Responses and Their Manifestation in Behavior

  • Working with Boundary, Self-Agency and Self Esteem through Yoga, Somatic Practices and Embodying Nature

  • Somatic Touch as a Tool for Re-negotiating Boundary, Self Agency, Connection and Self-Empowerment

  • Understanding Neurodivergence and a Nuanced Approach to Working with Neurodivergent Youth and Young Adults

Integration and Practical Application

  • Trauma-Educated Care in Educational and Community Settings

  • Creating Trauma-Educated Programs and Interventions for Youth and Young Adults

  • Case Studies and Best Practices for Trauma Support and Prevention

  • Helpful Resources

Conclusion and Certification

This is an online summary and quiz to be completed independently in order to receive Certification. This will be opened following the end of module 3.

  • Recap and Summary of Key Concepts Learned

  • Assessment and Final Exam for Certification

  • Certification and Course Completion

Choose a Pricing Option

Registration is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend a module there is the option to join the module or series of modules at a future date for a transfer fee of $75. Modules must be taken consecutively. There is no exception to this policy